Mission & Vision

The objective of HaVinG is the prevention or relief of poverty in the City of Gloucester and its immediate surrounds by providing grants to charities, other organisations or individuals working to prevent or relieve poverty.


We aim to do this by fundraising through events, direct giving and other fund raising methods. We are also committed to raising awareness of homeless and vulnerable people in the City and trying to bring organisations together to provide a holistic and integrated service.  A service needed to ensure that all homeless and vulnerable people are both sustained and given the skills, knowledge and tools to become resilient as they move on to new pathways for their life's journey.


If you’d like to learn more about how to get involved or contribute, reach out today.

email: chair-having@outlook.com

IMPACT OF COVID-19:  Until we are able to run events, Income to the Charity will be very limited.  However, there are still funds available for Grants - please contact the Chair for any questions or feedback.

To see just who we have managed to support from the funds raised so far  

The next event is the

Cloister Challenge

Sadly Postponed from Friday 20 March 2020.

For more details please click the button below.


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