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Grants and Grants Policy

The objective of HaVinG is the prevention or relief of poverty in the City of Gloucester and its immediate surrounds by providing grants to charities, other organisations or individuals working to prevent or relieve poverty.  The Grants Policy and application form have been examined by the Charity Commission and are attached.  We are particularly interested in supporting new projects that impact on the lives of homeless and/or vulnerable people in the City or its local area - this may be a project that your organisation would like to trial but are either not commissioned to supply or have the necessary funds to do so at the present time.  In addition if, having read the Policy you think that any application would fall outside the bounds set by HaVinG please consider approaching us anyway.  The Trustees would both be interested in challenging and possibly amending the current policy and also have a wide range of experience and so may be able to signpost you to another grant maker.

Any comment, question, discussion or feedback please email

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